Anxiety and toilets and spending too much time in and around toilets and talking about them and being anxious.

Seriously tho, scary shit.


I like metaphors.

I speak in metaphors in the hope that it might help people understand what I’m dealing with when it comes to anxiety, panic and agoraphobia. I am very socially anxious, people and social situations make me very uncomfortable. Perhaps it doesn’t seem like I am uncomfortable because I’m loud and opinionated and make jokes but at certain times it is all I can do to not run crying from a bar or restaurant and hide under a bush in the park like a bear cub in a napalm storm.

I have lived with anxiety my whole life and over the years my ways of managing it have become more honed, more clever and more effective. If this blog can help anyone to make some plans for managing their anxiety then I am very very happy, seriously I would jump up and down in my living room and probably spill my wine.

So toilets? Yeah I go to lots of them, I hide, I cry and I need to chill until the panic subsides. My fear of not being able to find a loo if and when I need one is extreme.  So I live by what my mum used to tell me “the Queen says if you see a loo, use it because you might not know when you will see another”.


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