“Back in my day….” an elderly lovely; Mt Eden public toilets.

Mount Eden Public external

Perhaps, yes, this slightly older toilet does appear to be a bit more stabby than the newer Exerloo around the corner but is that just because the Exerloo is on the edge of a a playground? Isn’t a playground far more stabby than a main road? For me it would be because kids in general do my head in and make me want to get stabby in the direction of my own face.

This sweet wee building was originally a tram stop built in 1910, but was converted to include a public toilet in 1928. It has been taken care of in the most basic kind of a way; it isn’t falling down, there is paint covering most of the graffiti and they clean it sometimes. But I feel like if Auckland council really cared about it’s public facilities they would be able to make this little loo a real show stopper/poop dropper.

Mount Eden Public

Most of the external features have survived such as the Marseilles tiled roof and the wooden window joinery, inside it’s not such a pretty picture but is rife for some sooper sweet heritage refitting.

Mount Eden Public

Mount Eden Public

Mount Eden Public

Mount Eden Public

There is one stall/bathroom for the ladies, I’m guessing the same for the gents though they may have the addition of a handy-dandy urinal for easy piss access.

Mount Eden Public

Mount Eden Public

The weather board on the inside and out is so very New Zealand and should be celebrated before it rots away.

Mount Eden Public internal toilet

Mount Eden Public

Mount Eden Public cleaning sign

Mount Eden Public

The best part about the inside was the benches which I think may be left over from the original tram stop, I’d like to believe that anyway.

The day I popped into this loo I was on the verge of panic as you might notice from the grainy, wobbly photography. The cool, calm of the little building helped me to feel a bit better and allowed me time to gather my fractured thoughts. The Exerloo around the corner was out of order which made me feel far more vehement towards the reuse and upkeep of these lovely older buildings. There are no mechanical faults to worry about and as long as someone comes to clean it a few times a day it’s a far better space to do your business, whatever that business may be. If only they could get a bit of love from the council in the form of cash money to update the tired industrial, out of place facilities making these a nicer and more human feeling part of the community.

The cleaning sign stated that it had been cleaned 4 hours earlier but it didn’t seem to have had anyone refurbish the broken or stained fixtures in some time. This is a situation when the broken window theory could be positively implemented because if the cleaners don’t care enough to not wipe purple pen crap across the 100 year old wooden walls then why should a kid care about making a mess in there either?  If only giving a fuck could start from the top and the bottom and meet somewhere in the middle.


 Cleanliness : 5/10  Yeah there was some rubbish on the floor and mess left about the place but the over all up keep and care applied to such a nice old heritage building was sadly lacking. The unreplaced broken fittings made it feel vandalised and the purple marks left around the cleaner board were a bit too ironic for my liking.

Interior :  6/10  One loo but due to it’s positioning it didn’t feel looked over by the cars whizzing by or the joggers huffing past. I managed to lessen my pain here and sort my shit enough to cross the road and take a few  decent out door shots without shaking so much.

Exterior : 8/10  There is parking around the corner by the playground but also just up the road on the residential street. It isn’t the easiest to access but there are places to stop if you look. The exterior of the unit is filled with early 20th century charm and kiwiana.

Safety :  6/10 Mount Eden is a quite affluent suburb these days but any time you are wandering about a park alone it can get a little worrying, particularly as a non-martial arts expert female. The bathroom is right on the main road though and it looks out towards a residential area so you should be pretty safe for the most part.

Snugglitude :  8/10  The building and it’s history make me very happy inside but the lack of care given to it by users but mainly by the council and cleaners makes me quite sad. This bathroom feels a bit like an elderly person with so much to say and wisdom to offer who has been ignored by young people for being un-hip and not ‘with it’. However my generation and those following may realise what they have lost in our older stalwarts too late and miss out forever.

Total : 33/50  You deserve better little loo.



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