The Luscious Food Store, TeAtatu

Exterior shot of Luscious Foods cafe.

Recent months have seen me forgo my beloved people watching at local bars, cafes and restaurants due to a countenance marred by sickness. Meals out have fallen by the wayside in favour of seemingly endless rest, feeling sick, throwing up and not eating any of the fun foods life has to offer. My unwellness gets in the way of many things, one being my ability to find and rate new and interesting toilets.

But on a lovely sunny day a few months back, I met a friend on writing Friday for coffee and creative person chats at The Luscious Food Store in Te Atatu.

Te Atatu Luscious Map

Located on the main road into the little peninsular township, Luscious Foods fills in a small number of the gappy holes left in West Auckland’s drunken, come-hither smile.



The place was warm, the coffee was unburnt and the chicken soup was recuperative. I was very amused and happy to discover they have the same (albeit the gold version) slightly creepy but oddly charming monkey wallpaper which currently resides in my Mum’s bathroom. Just look at those jaunty little bastards…


The bathrooms impressed me for a variety of reasons; they were out the back, beyond the outside seating/verandah area which gave a nice private space to freak out at will. The decor, though a little dark and cool, was new and clean with all the mod-cons.



Personally I would have gone for a little less black tile and a few splashes of colour here and there (my companion wasn’t super keen with the slight daunting nature of all the black and white sharpness). However I am not here to critique décor but the validity of the bathroom as it functions and as it caters to my panicking needs. In this case, had I been mid tizzy, it would have done so very nicely.



Positive points for the number of individual stalls (I believe there were four) and the lack of open space under the doors/walls made me feel happy and safe. The bathrooms were primarily unisex which I like because I don’t have to worry about which toilet I’m entering or if I’m inconveniencing someone by taking up their rightful spot designated by their genitals alone.

My favourite feature was the toilet signs with the wee ‘busting’ people on them. I could almost feel their metallic desperation at needing a wizz.

Luscious food store

The baby changing area was well organised and the sign made me smile and also feel a bit sorry for the staff. How many times had this been an issue for them as to require a laminated sign?




The change table slash disabled access bathroom did have a flaw; the mirror, thought at the appropriate height for a person in a wheelchair, was not the appropriate height for anyone else. Is every disabled person wheelchair bound? Because I’m pretty sure they are not. It’s bad luck to have a mirror cut your head off and even worse to take a head-cut-off selfie. If my luck takes a turn I will know who to blame.



Cleanliness : 9/10  Very clean or appeared to be but that could have been all the black, touché I see what you did there.

Interior : 7/10  No windows or sprays for smell-fear however there was plenty of soap, hand dryers, loo paper etc.

Exterior : 9/10  I very much liked the position of the loos, the single unit, non stall dealy and the unisex optional approach.

Safety : 9/10  Very safe and private. Te Atatu is a pretty nice area West Auckland wise and the clientèle at a cafe such as this one would be ineffective arty types like me who are very unlikely to stab you in the face as long as you don’t cut us off without indicating on the road out front.

Snugglitude :  7/10  Points for privacy, modernity and newness but a bit off for lack of warmth, the real essence of snugglitude.

Total :  41/50



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