Liebster Awards 2015


2015 has been dubbed the officially unofficial year of “Lucy, time to be more serious about writing stuff”. Thus far I have; ceased digitizing/librarianing at the museum on Fridays to focus on my writing (though historically I spend a regrettable amount of this time sleeping-in, taking naps, siestas and kips) I have written pieces and approached magazines/websites to publish them (but have heard little back) and I my plan for world domination is finally taking full coherent and strategic form (I made a black board for our office then wrote stuff on it).

Now, you may view these life facts as a list of my failures but in that you would be somewhat mistaken. No creative odyssey goes from woe to go in a steady trajectory. I am well aware of the need to pay my dues and be unknown for a long while before I find fortune and fame as the world’s number one authority on self-guided mental health management and toilet reviewing wunderkind. To me, this is karmic reality but along the way it is always heart warming to feel the firm supportive hand of a friend or peer on my overtly bounteous behind, helping me clamber from the dingy basement of obscurity, dragging as many talented writers, artists and thinkers as humanly possible along with me.

I am ALWAYS endlessly grateful for every view, comment and supportive word I get from viewers, fellow bloggers and friends. The Liebster Awards are a lovely facet of the blogging community which works to give a little sunshine and hope in the face of sometimes seeming insurmountable goals.

This is all a fruity way of saying thanks to Jay for taking the time to read my ramblings and for thinking them good enough to bestow upon them such an honour.

Consequently I shall answer Jay’s questions for me:-

1. Do you like piña coladas? And getting caught in the rain?

I enjoy alcoholic beverages and listening to the rain on the roof while I’m dry and warm indoors. Being caught in it, ermm perhaps if I were on my way home and it wasn’t too cold? Now, if I had been caught in the rain I would very much like a hot shower, coz that shit there is one of the best things in life.
2. Who is your favourite fictional character?

It changes from year to year but on the short list; Rhett Butler, from Gone with the Wind, always, Charlie Kelly from It’s Always Sunny in Philly & Pam Poovey from Archer because she’s strong, kicks ass and doesn’t give a shit what anyone thinks which I wish I could emulate.
3. What do you do in your free time?

Sleep, lots of sleep because I’m not very well at the moment but we don’t know why yet 😦               I bake a lot because it makes me feel calm and contented and I love giving people something I have made. It is one of the ways I show affection and thanks.
4. Are you an early bird, or a night owl?

Naturally an owl but over the last few years of being quite poorly so I really do late evening or early morning because I’m exhausted pretty much most of the time.
5. What is your dream job?

Cheese eater and professional hugger but only to nice smelling people, or a writer if I’m being realistic.
6. What was the last thing you ate?

Carrot cake in the staff room. Can’t say no to free cake even at 10am.
7. Do you consider yourself to be an introvert or extrovert?

Whenever I do a Meyers Briggs style test I come out as extroverted and I totally can see why but when I consider the meaning of extrovert vs. introvert (the notion of how one finds or maintains their energy) I would say I’m an introvert. I consider myself an anti social extrovert if I’m being pernickity, which I almost always am.
8. Can you solve a Rubik’s cube?

Nope. My patience is not good at such things.
9. What is your favourite animal at the zoo?

The 100 year old mega tortoise who do pretty much nothing but sit there, eat and look like a dinosaur.
10. What was your first job?

Crack dealer? Or perhaps working in a gift shop, potato/potaato.
11. Do you swear/use curse words a lot?

Fucking constantly.



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