No one could feel anxious at Piha Beach, right?

lion rock Following on from my earlier post on the Bethells Beach public toilets, why not fill in more of the West coast by rating the Piha loos as well? Compare and contrast people. We (ahahaha, you know it’s just me!) here at Magnificent Facilities are all about giving you toileting options. Showing the wide variety of places you could choose to drop a deuce in your everyday travels. Piha beach is gorgeous, that is blatantly obvious to anyone who has been this side of the Bombay Hills. A popular surf beach, home of fantastically interesting reality tv, and many a stoner watching the waves while nomming out on a batch of special brownies. Cliffs with sufer beach Piha is a very busy beach so it deserves a decent and well appointed set of public toilets. Luckily, on this occasion the council have seen fit to produce such a facility. If you have parked up in the car park at south Piha then the bathrooms are down a wee trail, off to the right. foot path external The bathroom, though vastly different to the set at Bethells Beach, has a similar classic Kiwi feel, that of a DOC hut (Department of Conservation) or cabin at a school camp. This bathroom has less of an over all design and more of a piece by piece construction. I may be totally wrong on this but from the construction it looks like the loos themselves were here first and at some point later they added on the changing room section which you can see the front of in the above image. beach shower external entrance roof gables The open roof structure was pretty cool to look at and offers some natural defense against other people’s odours. surfboard door The door, made from recycled (I think) iron bars and a wooden surf board, was a nice touch of individualism. It made me smile and feel a little nostalgic for my beach-side childhood. I guess that was the idea when they commissioned it. lady sign chamging shed Octapus hook stalls disabled toilet stall shelf in roof toilet rolls flusher This place kind of speaks for it’s self so too much bullshitting from me is not required. It’s a good solid design with plenty of space for 5-6 people to use what is on offer without having to be awkward or too intimate. My favourite bit was a piece of graffiti I found while sitting on the loo in the disabled unit; Frank I love you The sweet irony of declaring your love for ‘Frank’ in a ladies bathroom stall where he will never see it is not lost on me. It’s touching yet somewhat maudlin. To feel so strapped for the ability to express one’s feelings vocally that you need to scratch it into wall of a beach public toilet seems to me very telling of a person without the emotional capacity to fulfill the needs of an adult relationship.  But hey, maybe I’m just being an elitist bitch.

Rating!!!! Cleanliness :  7/10  Clean enough for a beach loo, with the obvious tundra of sand and dirt in the corners.

Interior :  7/10  No soap but plenty of stalls, sinks and one hand drier. The open design of the roof takes away much of the smells and some of the noise, in case you are worried about being over-heard.

Exterior :  8/10  It’s right by the car park which I definitely prefer. The overall design is pleasing to the eye and it sits well within it’s environment. I do so like it when a bathroom is designed for where it will be rather than just a generic metal box plonked on some spare land.

Safety :  7/10  Let’s be honest it is a bit covered and surrounded by bushes and plants. It isn’t dangerous per say but I wouldn’t want to just hang out there and wait to see who shows up later of an evening. Luckily the bathrooms are locked at night which should stop too many messy drunk accidents.

Snugglitude :  6/10  I got a small twinge of childhood nostalgia but everything in the area is over-shadowed by the natural beauty of the beach and rocks. As it rightly should be.

Total :  35/50


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