Medication change, still with the nausea?

Monday 4th May – 5.45pm ish

I was really hoping that I had crested the peak of the side effects to my drug change over but I am still weighed down by intermittent bouts of nausea. I tried and failed to travel to my job on Thursday. Not because I didn’t want to come in, not because something terrible had befallen me but simply because I couldn’t manage, after an hour or so of trying, to get my morning nausea to abate even with all the skills, meds and tricks up my sleeve. I finally gave in and spent the day sleeping (literally all day) on my sofa, waking to sip lemonade, feel sick and go back to sleep so I didn’t have to feel so sick. I think I slept for 7 hours at least during the day but had no problem turning in at the normal time of 10ish and sleeping through the night. So much sleep, but no real relief from being exhausted.

This morning I was just getting ready to leave the house and drive to work when the same wave of nausea came on again. It got me wondering if the gelatin casing around my new pills is to blame. In the past gel capsules have given me pretty nasty indigestion sometimes when I take them on an empty stomach. After an hour of wandering around in a frustrated fashion (my lovely boyfriend decided to help by hugging me while swaying and jiggling which didn’t help the general feeling of sea sickness, he thinks he is really funny sometimes) I decided that tomorrow I will take my meds out of their packets and take them in pure form. Obviously this is going to taste fucking terrible so I was hoping to mix them into a spoon of maple syrup or gold syrup. It might work or it might just add to the morning sickness pattern. I guess I will just have to see.


2 thoughts on “Medication change, still with the nausea?

  1. kathy Parsons says:

    Hope you feel better soon Lucybelle. Although you might feel bad I’m loving your blog. Poo pouri sooo funny xxxxxxxxxx

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