Poo pouri review: focusing your toilet related social anxiety

I’m hoping this will be the first in a series of products reviews identifying items that help me get through an anxious day. I’m not looking for a spray or a hand soap that will take away all my suffering when I’m having an agoraphobic or panic reaction (if only that were a thing!) but as a person who focuses on and over analyses every tiny little thing, occasionally I can aim it to my advantage. It’s a form of distraction, a technique most anxiety sufferers will be aware of, taught by cognitive behaviour therapists the world over. By concentrating my obsessive focus on something nice, a pleasant smell which brings back nice memories, a product which lessens the possible guilt or self-castigation of a body which won’t behave, I am more able to regain control and manage the situation until I can get to somewhere safe. TLDR? In short; stuff that makes me feel more brave.

First up –

Poo Pouri “Bass Ackwards”: the toilet wonder spray

If you are unaware of the poo-revolution going on in the world then this is your chance to jump on the band wagon. No longer will we be shackled to the universally held belief that everyone’s shit stinks, mine now smells like a fresh mountain side on a cool spring morning.

That may be a little bit of an exaggeration, the fact of the matter is my shit probably does still smell but I no longer have to experience it or leave a reminder for those who follow thanks to this ingenious little pre-depository spray. A few spritzs of this bad boy over your toilet water before you let rip and no one need know you have befouled the work toilet or the only bathroom in a new acquaintances house which just happens to open out on to the living room meaning anyone in there knows exactly how long you’ve been in there and can smell what ever it is you’ve been cooking. *Shudder*.


I discovered this little product via a work friend who showed me their hilarious video adverts. We laughed at the poo-puns and debated whether it was a real product or a joke video. Turns out is is a real product and it does in fact do ‘what it says on the packet’.


I ordered two bottles, part in jest and part not, as Christmas gifts for my boyfriend with whom I share a toilet and my Mother. In those few fluid ounces we have all become converts.

The Bass Ackwards scent I chose for our house is fresh and clean smelling, like a men’s cologne you might catch a wiff of on the street and think “Mmmm clean man smell”. Apart from the obvious fact that spraying this little bottle of wonderment removes 80-85% of the worst bowel related off gassing, the scent does not over-power or linger too long like most toilet sprays. You don’t leave the loo choking on the over powering scent of chemical flowers which honestly is more of a give away that you’ve dropped something nasty than the original poo smell. Poo Pouri doesn’t just mask the bad smells it locks them away in the toilet water to be whisked down the pipe by the wonder of modern day plumbing.

This little bottle makes me a very happy anxious lady, not because I consider myself a more stinky defecator than most but because it reduces the social anxiety about needing the bathroom away from home to a very manageable level. If I have this little beauty with me at work or at someone’s house and I happen to be caught short, I need not worry that I will be the social pariah who stunk out the only toilet at the party. I have every intention of buying and reviewing more Poo Pouri; new scents and perhaps a couple of the little travel vials to keep with me at all times.

See the Poo Pouri website to select from the dazzling array of scents on offer.


2 thoughts on “Poo pouri review: focusing your toilet related social anxiety

  1. alittlebitanxious says:

    You have no idea how happy this has made me! I am so anxious about using public toilets, I’m agoraphobic and have toilet phobia (it exists!) and recently I have been trying to find something like this but had no luck. Yay, thanks for sharing 🙂

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