Medication medication medication

Friday 17th April – 8.37pm or there abouts

I now have a week and a half of venlafaxine whirling about in my veins trying it’s best to find a place to settle.  I’m hoping it will soon find a dock and bore it’s way into my addled mind and sooth off the spiky edges of my anxiety and agoraphobia.

Today was more of the same; bouts of nausea, twitching and a heightened level of anxiety. I did manage to get my Friday toilet post done and have started mentally knocking together a new post about guilt and how it rules my life but is really just a big pile of shit.

Something I forgot to mention, which I will now for future prosperity, is that another side effect of the drug change is hives. I have them on my back. About 4-5 in total and not too bad. I guess if I were the kind of person who got hives frequently then I would have likely got a much worse case. But as it is, I have the kind of blood mosquitoes and fleas don’t like so I rarely get bitten. It sounds like I’m bragging but in the context of the situation, when I started to get an itchy back I thought perhaps I had just been mauled by some amourous bug only to remember it is neither the time of year nor am I prone to such irritations. So it definitely wasn’t mozzies and since we had flea bombed the entire house only a few days earlier I knew it couldn’t have been fleas. Even our darling long haired cat-child couldn’t have brought so many bugs back inside that fast.

So hives. Fun! Another symptom from the list I can check off having experienced. By comparison it’s one of the less onerous of my current symptoms but I still thought it was good practice to mention every side effect.

On the good side of things, I ate pizza and some ice cream so the world really isn’t such a bad place right now. Even a hurricane of medical and mental misadventure can’t take away (one of) my true love; food.


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