Medication shit-storm

Tuesday 2nd April – 12.30pm

Remember as a kid when you’d get a shiver up your spine and someone would say it was someone walking over your grave? (in the future? I guess? Who knows. Kids make fuck all sense)

I have that feeling now, but rather than someone casually wandering across my hallowed resting place, it feels as though a whole god damn band of River Dance jiggers are stomping across my grave with heavy hoof. I am twitching up a storm and no amount of twitching will shake it off.

This is usually an indication that I’m feeling a bit anxious or struggling a little. One of the earliest ‘symptoms’ of my anxiety or a panic reaction.

There has been a bit of skin picking, my face is a bit red and blotchy as I caught myself squeezing and blocked pore I could find after washing my hands in the bathroom just now. Ahhh dermatillomania, you indicator of stress and trouble to come. Like the eye of Sauron you follow me about in that creepy, stalky burny kind of way.


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