Medication shit-storm, SSRI to SNRI

Thursday 2nd April – 10am

Still on one pill of Escitalopram today (10mg I believe) so I’m not feeling terrible as yet. I managed the trip to work pretty well including stopping at the Labtest place to have my bloods taken (vitamins, B12, iron etc shit you have to watch if your absorption is pretty much nil as mine is).

I really wish I were cataloguing my rise to power and world domination rather than the breaking down and rebuilding of my medical dependency. Next time maybe.

I’m really thinking that the addition of Ondansetron (every time I read that I think it is a new baddy Transformer rather than a medication to stop me vomiting and shitting) to my retinue of medications is very well timed. Praise be to the joy of not having crazy over the top, emotional guts while I’m trying to get through the transition.

When I got to work I realised I couldn’t people so I didn’t join in at the Easter Morning Tea our team was having, also because I was running late I didn’t want to bust in and be all over conspicuous. I just have to get through work today without feeling like I’m dying or over analysing each human interaction and I will be free to four whole days at home, lamenting the death of Jebus on the cross in the sun which is ironically timed with my emotional/chemical down turn and subsequent resurrection on Monday when I can start taking my new drugs and refill my body with wonderful joy bringing serotonin.

Until then at least I can binge on chocolate eggs, hot crossed buns and ativan.


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