An agoraphopbic visits Wellington’s answer to Louisiana cookery: Sweet Mother’s kitchen


Any time I go to Wellington I take time out of my never very busy schedule to make a special trip to gorge myself on the delicious Cajun food at Sweet Mothers Kitchen. Dear Lord I love me some Southern USA food, it’s on my list of favoured cuisines from around the world.  It has been unfortunate, until recently (with the surge of interest in pulled pork) if you lived in Auckland as I do, so delicious Louisiana fare has been something I’ve had to cook in my own humble kitchen.

Sweet Mother’s has been a go-to for Cajun food for a decent while now and it’s a pretty popular place. Sometimes getting a table is a less than instantaneous, you may need to accept a place at the bar for a while and build up your alcohol level before eating.


The bathroom at Sweet Mother’s is accessed via a long 1980s-esk arcade running down the right side of the venue. It feels a little bit like you’re going into a “Gloss” (remember that show kiwi people?) era business meeting. Luckily however, the walk way is wide enough to accommodate your most flamboyant shoulder pads.



One comment I do have about Sweet Mother’s, the restaurant and the bathroom, is that everything is very dark. The single light bulb in the unisex loo did eventually warm up to kick out enough light but I think perhaps some extra lamps or lighting around one of the mirrors would be a good idea. I know it is a place friendly to the head splitting magnitude of hung over binge eating requirements but it makes you feel a little like you may miss the bowl and smash your naked ass straight on the ground. Low light is great, but not so low you might very well be attacked by animals which have nested in the low lit corners.






I always enjoyed the variety of art (I like to look at something while I pee) and the collection of retro mirrors and side board make the place feel more thought out.


This particular visit took place on a Saturday morning which may answer the question: “Why does the toilet smell like spew?” When I waiting to partake in the facilities I tried my very best to make no eye contact with the woman leaving the loo I was heading for, sadly I fucked it up and looked her straight in the face. Awkward. I’m guessing she’d had a big night and was suffering from the partier’s lurgy. Thankfully there was no physical evidence left for me to experience and for that I was thankful.





Cleanliness : 7/10  Hard to know how clean it was due to the extreme darkness. There may have been some body parts or entrails smeared over the walls but you would find it hard to see much without a CSI style head lamp.

Interior :  7/10  One bathroom is never my preference because you are required to get in, do your business and get the hell out some someone else can vomit/pee/dump out after you. This isn’t great if you are freaking out and need to take a minute. Neither was the scent so the lack of windows/ventilation was also not to my tastes.

Exterior : 8 /10  I like the fact that the loo is set right at the back of the resturant so you have a decent amount of privacy. You have a whole corridor and two doors between you and people so if you are cry/shitting/voming/hyperventilating you can be pretty sure the only person who will hear you will be the slightly annoyed and perhaps nauseated person waiting to use it next. I like that even if you’re not a patron you could pop in to the loo without being looked at by any staff or customers, a hidden loo is always a good loo compared to an open street bathroom.

Safety : 6/10  It’s Courtney Place and there are many people of disrepute about that area so I would suggest a bit of caution, but it’s not directly next to a sports bar/jail/out reach center/Uni lecture hall so you will likely be fine if you’re not a stupid fool about it.

Snugglitude :  6/10  Art good, privacy good but other than that it doesn’t make me very happy or safe feeling. I would suggest crossing the street and going to the Embassy Theatre if you are feeling very anxious or panicked.

 Total!!!! :  34/50


2 thoughts on “An agoraphopbic visits Wellington’s answer to Louisiana cookery: Sweet Mother’s kitchen

  1. panicakes says:

    This post/your blog is an absolute goldmine! Sweet Mothers banana flambe is just about worth the inevitable ohnotheresonlyonebathroomandsomeonesinit panic attack

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