Let the Friday of awesome writing times begin!

As we all know, by day I work as an ass-kicking library technician digitising heritage photographs but while I love the collections and the amount of time I get to spend drinking coffee and talking nonsense (“networking”) with my colleagues I have recently felt the need deep in my loins to shuffle my life hours and take on more of what grown-up life has to offer (naps, but not only naps).

Ergo, I have elected to forgo some small luxuries for the next few months, cut down my paid working hours and spend Fridays in our home office (i.e. a small rather messy room where the extra books live but has a table) being a writer and trying to write and good shit like that.

A decent part of this newly found time will be focused on improving this blog; write more posts, find more followers/viewers/readership/collaborators/sympathisers/co-accused. In addition to my plans for anxiety blog world domination, I also I want to branch out, submit pieces to a bunch of other blogs, online mags and real life publications. To see if I can make a bit more of a go of this whole writing about anxiety, trying to help people understand life with mental health issues thing, while maintaining the make-them-laugh-at-me-because-I-spend-heaps-of-time-in-toilets dealy I have going on.

So, how are things going to change around here?

  • I will start by dedicating myself to posting one toilet blog every Friday so there will always be new bathroom content to ease you lovingly into the pillowy bosom of the weekend.
  • I plan to spend more time on my blog, write more posts, do more research perhaps set up a few serial posts such as the work anxiety idea I had all those months ago.
  • I hope to write more about anxiety specifically now I have the time and emotional space to really get my ideas and techniques down in a way I feel is authentic and unsmarmy.
  • I will submit pieces of writing to a bevy of places; websites , magazines, blogs etc. which I currently love to reading and believe I could contribute something worthwhile to their readers.
  • I will take naps and get some exercise. Yes, basic life things but I will treat my body better than I do now. I will take better care of it and do all the boring crap doctors say you need to do like getting enough vitamins and sunlight and all the things that stop you getting scurvy and being arrested for biting someone ankles on the street during a rabid outburst. (To be clear I am well aware of the differences between scurvy and rabies.)
  • And most important to you my darling well-endowed reader, I will bake cookies for my facebook friends who are kind enough to repost my blogs (Sadly this can only include people who live within driving distance, so Auckland basically but if you live too far away I will happily take a photo of some cookies and send it to you as a post card.) Yes I will start trying to market myself and my writing. Marketing with cookies!


I hope you will continue to join me via the wonderful world of the interwebs while I sit in a small room, getting distracted by my cat and try to make me brain do a thing it may or may not want to do one gorgeous day a week.


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