Ombra: A Venetian post-graduation celebration


Way back at the end of 2014 I finally capped up and graduated from my Masters program. After 5 long years studying along side my day job I was relieved and happy to celebrate this relief with a short walk across a stage to shake hands with someone I didn’t know. My boobs did feature briefly on the big screen though (highlight!).

After the fluster and fluff of my pomp’n’ceremony I was more ready than ever before to drink my weight in alcoholic beverages. Luckily my lovely Mother had already chosen a watering hole at which to park up and toast my auspicious victory.

Ombra restaurant and bar, on the corners of Cuba and Vivian Streets in Wellington is a Venetian style back street bar (Bacari) reminiscent of those we visited in Italy the previous December


We started at the bar drinking Aperol Spritzers then moved to a table by the window were we sampled the Italian version of tapas (little plates you have to share so be sure you’re not eating with people you hate or you may regret your choice of venue). I spent the whole time yomping about in my Grad robes and mortar board, because I damn well paid for them so I was going to get my money’s worth. Apparently from the numerous people who asked a game was made out of guessing what qualification I/we had completed.

grad outfit

The bathrooms at Ombra are nice if on the slightly pokie side. I felt it was hard to shut the doors to the stalls because my knees might not fit.




As ever, my love affair with industrial styled tiling remains strong. Mmmmm white railway tiles.

internal view

Something I loved about Ombra was the hair appliances available. It seemed weird to me, coming from Auckland but clicked when I recalled the inclement weather and shitty blowing wind that whips about the capital each day. If I were prone to a breakout of frizzy hair in a blustery rain-shower I would be eternally grateful for the hair dryer and straightener available in the Ombra women’s bathroom.



The industrial style sinks and tapes are very in vogue at present but I refuse to let that affect my love of them. Industrial copper piping and massive hospital-in-the-1930s style sinks will always make me smile however hip they may become.



Here’s a little context shot of the rest of the bar, including stranger’s backs and bearded wait staff (a beard which paled in comparison to my own boyfriends masterful facial growth)


Style wise I also enjoyed the pressed copper ceiling tiles and how they complimented the original features of the building such as these lovely 20/30s lead-light windows. I know, what a history geek!



Cleanliness :  9/10  

Interior :  8/10  Two stalls with big sinks and plenty of mirror room, I liked the full length mirrors down one side but it was quite a small bathroom which is fine when you’re the only one in there but if it were to fill up with well off, loud, squealy girls of an evening it would be painful on the brain.

Exterior :  8/10  Down the back of the restaurant through a pair of doors so the privacy factor was good. If I were stressed on the street I feel like I could pop in without being fussed by staff as they seemed chilled out and nice.

Safety :  9/10  My only fear would be of the earlier mentioned blond squealy girls and the way their shrill social cries en mass make my tummy shatter like a teeny tiny wine glass.

Snugglitude :  8/10  Aperol spritzers always make me smile.

 Total :  42/50


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