Museum Hotel Wellington; like an Olympian concubines private loo

On a lovely sunny day in Wellington I took time out from the various rounds of people-visiting to wader the central streets and drop anchor (number twos pun not intended but enjoyed all the same) at a few choice bathrooms I had heard speak of. The finery of the Museum Hotel lobby had frequently been boasted about and I was not disappointed to discover their public restrooms were up to the same level of opulence and imagination.

This is the Lion who greets you as you saunter in the front door, removing your seeing eye-glasses for a moment to tap the arm thoughtfully on your mouth while you take in the art and grandeur of the space. I feel he is saying ‘Hey! I’m a little confused by your outfit but accept your life choices as an individual.’ It’s all there in the arch of his brow.



No, I didn’t go into the Men’s room, thought I sometimes think I should start doing that… just for the sake of comparison.


The interior of this bathroom is an airy, Grecian wonder. You can almost sense the presence of Zeus and his many concubines as they flip their tresses nonchalantly, look down from Olympus and laughing at the bathrooms used by we mere mortals. The floor to ceiling fabric swathed walls create a cozy but airy feel and the colour – a sort of warm golden cream colour – balances out the clean white tile and the glitzy crystals. My pictures don’t really do it justice as the feeling was much more open and airy but you try capturing that on a phone camera!






The stalls themselves were ok, just standard stalls but the gold leaf mirrors were a nice touch if not a tad creepy when you are sitting on the loo.



I really liked the way the hand towels were displayed. It felt clean and fresh, like each towel had been hand-washed and rolled specifically for you.


The wee insignia on the soap dispensers gave them an additional hit of classiness, it’s the little touches that really show your elegance when it comes to a great public toilet.



There was art too! But that, dear reader, is a totally different story.



Cleanliness : 9.5/10  No one’s perfect! Anything beyond brand new or possibly the Queen’s personal bathroom will never be 100%.

Interior : 8/10  There were only 3 stall and two sinks. I would have preferred single rooms over stalls but if you’re gonna stall then this is the way to do it.

Exterior : 9/10  The staff were polite and non judgey, the bathroom was easy enough to find and there was many many pretty things to look at outside the confines of the bathrooms. I liked the dark corners around the place and many chairs. I felt I could sit and blend in when I was panicking and not be watched or bothered.

Safety : 9/10  Again no one is perfect but I wasn’t in any fear for my life, property or honour while enjoying their facilities.

Snugglitude : 8.5/10 Beautiful, flowy and ethereal. My only issues would be my ability to make a mess in such a pristine space. Anxiety can ruin even the loveliest of places.

Total : 44/50



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