Dr. Toilet or toilet Doctor? Richmond Road Medical Centre.

My G.P’s surgery is not the cheapest option, in fact they are one of the most expensive per visit in the city suburbs but you do get what you pay for; a receptionist who is kind and empathetic (important when you suffer from agoraphobia and sometime need to hide in the loos rather than in the waiting room like a normal patient) a doctor who is holistic without being a dirty hippy and an experienced nurse who does my *ahem* lady procedures in a whirl of capability that causes me the least amount of discomfort.

The other nicey-nice thing about my doctors is the cute wee villa where it lives.

Obviously Westmere/West Lynn (which ever is your preference) has a glut of gorgeous character buildings that have stood the test of time and Auckland’s “Uglify ALL THE THINGS!” town planning.



I use the bathroom at my doctors frequently, possibly more often than most other public toilets (work aside). Historically I have had a really difficult time with waiting rooms (a blog on that topic is in the wings!) I freak at the idea of being called when I’m in the loo and missing my appointment to what ever it is I’m there trying to do. I stress so much that I make myself think I need the loo and subsequently give myself a panic attack. I have in the past had to rush from a waiting room to vomit all because I managed to get myself so tizzied up that my tummy go all knotted up and vommy. Worse still is the need to then explain this totally ridiculous situation to any staff member who may at that moment be calling your name and wondering why the hell you’re not sitting in your seat playing with a plastic horse like the well behaved three year old who appears to be more emotionally capable than you.


This bathroom makes me smile each time I visit because it has retained the “home bathroom” essence an Auckland California style villa should have. The sink is my favourite feature….


So pretty. So 1910.


There are freebees! See, condoms for one and all!


Now I know that most people wouldn’t get excited about the variety of sample tubes and jars available but hey I’m not most people and I have a real thing for almost anything medical.


To the nitty-gritty of the W/C and it’s accompanying powers; there is only one bathroom and it is down the corridor, out the back past the nurses station, but you can look out the back door into the lovely wee garden while you jitter along the floor boards twitching up a storm. Calming no?

I like the outside window and sense of freedom it gives. I like the kindness of the staff who never seem to judge me however many bathroom trips I make during my visit, never once do I get the curious look like they are wondering if I am going in to shoot crack cocaine into my eyeballs (another catastrophising thought I have when people give me the questioning “why you toilet so much?” look).


Cleanliness: 9.5/10 …is next to Godliness and a doctors bathroom is a damn good place to start. It is an older building which makes it harder to clean but I have never once in all the years I have been a patient, seen it less than perfectly hygienic.

Interior: 8/10  It hasn’t been done up (the wall mounted soap container is empty/out of order but there are always bottles available) but it is always well stocked with the essentials. I never feel over heard or conspicuous.

Exterior: 8/10  One bathroom is not my preference but it isn’t often engaged so no biggy. The position (out the back and to the left) is not obvious from the front door but I believe there is a sign directing you if in need and the receptionist is busy.

Safety: 9/10

Snugglitude: 9/10  For the above reasons and the general feeling of safety I get at this practice.

TOTAL: 43.5/50


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