Harry’s Place, Parnell; Like being inside the intestines of a mirror ball


The images for this post came out horribly but I still really wanted to rate the loo so sadly you will have to bit down on your internet jaw and try to go with it.

The reasons they turned out poorly are three-fold;

Reason the first: It is SUPER reflective in there and all the mirrored surfaces make it very hard to get good pictures when you don’t have a decent camera (mine is just on my phone as I have it on my person at all times. Perhaps it is time to upgrade to a decent pocket camera? Yes purchasing goblin, grow in my heart and make me spend money…) Due to this mechanical deficiency I had no control over the aperture or shutter speed so I couldn’t slow the film to get better shots, alas. I took many many photos but most came out as washed-out and blurred, as you see.

Reason the second: I’d had a couple glasses of wine by this point.

Reason the final: I’m not good enough with Photoshop to post production all the problems out with the light and blur and such. Soz for the bit shitness.


So, onward; Harry’s, it is positioned at the top of Parnell Road across from the big Jebus Cathedral place. The inside is very very decorated, as in they have done a full refurb and put in about a million pieces of room dressing. If you can image a design strategy that is the opposite of the Swanson Cafe ‘don’t pay attention to the look and just service food’ kind of aesthetic then this is it.

They have applied their theme to pretty much every inch of the place, no exaggeration; oldy sinks, tables, chairs, a pot-bellied stove and a large variety of farming memorabilia. I’m not totally sure what their theme was, perhaps old kinda farm but also not really. ‘Old’ I guess was the idea but exactly which ‘old’ I am unsure.

The exterior, name and signage don’t really go with the inside theme. From the street it looks a bit like some kind of 90’s movie pizzeria.

The bathroom itself is really rather cool and interesting, I enjoyed very much the amount of thought they had put into it (we all know how much I hanker for a well thought out toilet theme!).

The walls are covered in a tin-style embossed metal panels, similar to the panels used in ye’olden days on the ceiling when people couldn’t afford real plaster work to decorate. The wood work is lovely, rough and homely-looking. It fits with the old farm house feel seen in parts of the main bar. Then we come to the strange choice of ‘hospital scrubs’ green for the painted areas. A little off in my opinion. I could see what they where trying to do,  give it a point of difference, a stand out. Perhaps even going for the look that copper gets when it oxidizes (verdigris I am told by my knowledgeable boy). The thing is I don’t know if it actually worked.



Again speaking as if everyone reading this knows me so well, we ALL know I like a place with real towel hand towels, or face cloths as they are in this facility. Neat. If I’m going to be a picky bitch I would mention that I’m not super keen that they were just on the bench rather than in a basket or box receptacle. A tiny thing and almost not worth mentioning but since I’m here.


The mirrors are ev-er-y-where. Oh so many ways to see your own drunken mess-face and that piece of cold chip stuck to your hair with congealed tomato sauce. I LOVED the light fittings but due to previously mentioned lack of good manual camera, I couldn’t manage to get a good photograph of the nice industrial style fixtures but I did get a bunch of shitty images, ENJOY!


loo rolls

On the whole I really enjoyed the effort and thought they had put in to the place. The bathroom had two stalls which is pretty good but the doorway to the bathroom hallway is RIGHT next to the kitchen door and I kept almost going into the wrong place every time I tried to bathroom, very gammy I know.


Cleanliness: 9/10 Very clean for somewhere with some many reflective surfaces to keep unsmudged.

Interior: 8/10

Exterior: 8/10 The door is behind the main bar, hidden between the seating areas, good for anxiety/subtleness.

Safety: 8/10  Unpredictable drunks?

Snugglitude: 7/10    LOTS of thought but the colour made me feel a little 1960’s tonsillectomy-esk.

Total: 40/50


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