Smith & Caughey’s Part 2. Newmarket

Smith and Caughey’s Newmarket is the tween-aged sister of the previously rated Queen Street store. They have tried their damnedest to give it the same look and feel as the original shop but sadly they lack all the decent stuff.

It comes across as what it is; an office building filled with expensive clothes. It has the prevailing feeling of a Farmers with triple the prices and rows of Calvin Klein g-strings being eyed up by 70 year old ladies.


The bathroom is oddly positioned behind the ladies unmentionables counter on the second floor. Feels like a staff bathroom that has been opened but not really been refurbished.

outside door

A the only thing which connects the loo to rest of the shop in theme or aesthetic is a small amount of the same wallpaper in the reception space between the bathroom and counter.



The look inside is totally uninspiring and I’m not just saying that because it’s a loo and as I have previously noted, often totally over looked by businesses. This bathroom is so uninspiring that I find it hard to even talk about it much. It wasn’t clean or well outfitted, it wasn’t new or designy, it wasn’t even emotionally secure.

It was a bit like a warm slightly flat beer when you’ve been doing some kind of hard man work (I’m totally not drinking a beer while I write this, honest I’m not!) you know you deserve a beer and you have it in your mind that it will taste clean and cool and refreshing but when you get there all it can muster is the ability to serve the most basic purpose, to quench your thirst a little. This bathroom will allow you to go number ones when shopping for cashmere finger-less gloves or a 100% silk mans sock garter  (as we all do so often) but honestly anything beyond that I suggest you go else where.




The hand soap wasn’t even nice smelling, I mean honestly guys?! That is the EASIEST thing to get right and will cost about $3. It was Ghostbusters II slime style, no real scent, in a nondescript bottle basic.



Even the signs were a bit low-rent and grubby. I felt like I was in a shitty Kebab shop on K’rd not a place where Remuera’s housewives come to buy room spray for their Porche Cayenne’s between the Boys Grammar school run.



The bin was rusty, grubby.


This was not a good time, specially compared to the Queen Street site which is well planned but lacks any kind of emotional snugglitude. My over all rating is BLAHHH.


Cleanliness: 7/10

Interior: 6/10

Exterior: 6/10

Safety: 7/10

Snugglitude: 1/10                        Total: 27/50


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