Junk n Disorderly

Junk and Disorderly is a store with a full on The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe feel; down an unassuming street, past a cloud of spotty teenage boys in camouflage gear (there is a shooting range thing right out front) step through the wire fence and you enter a warehouse filled with magical finds.

It feels a little like you’ve entered a hoarders cave, if that hoarder had almost entirely awesome stuff that you could buy and take home as your own prize find. I could have taken a gazillion photos of the lovely things around the shop, of the adorable caravan cafe and of the ever inspiring displays but that, as ever, is not what I’m here for.


To find the toilets you must venture through the warehouse, past the Caravan Cafe and beyond the goblin city to take back the child that has been stolen. That last bit is from Labyrinth obviously but you get the idea. Getting to the loo through the masses of chairs, tables and wonderful taxidermy felt akin to a fabulous battle in a fantasy land, but with less (I’d hope) crotch emphasising, tight-wearing men, with mullets. The signs were all there should you choose to see them.


Once you have found the red surf board sign followed by many hand drawn arrows you are lead down a passage through some doors and into the bowels of the business. It doesn’t come as such a surprise then that said inner sanctum of bright magenta pink. I felt wrapped in a 1980’s themed womb. Perhaps a womb that once held the maturing foetal spawn of Kylie and Jason.




The bathroom is filled with touches of the store; an antique fire surround here, a massive painting in Botticelli style there.

mantle piece

black chest


For some reason I really enjoyed the addition of the peace lilies on the sink bench. The clash of the bright green with the super bright pink made me smile in a very art school kind of way.

Over all the bathroom has all the ingredients to be a really good space; clean and away from the public glare (we know how I love a hidden toilet) more than one stall, plenty of paper and open windows, hand wash, drying accouterments and a mirror to check your awkwardness/post cry face if needed.

I do feel that this loo is in a transitional phase, like one of the many displays on the shop floor, the pieces and the step up with change and become something more fabulous as time goes on, it’s not at the wow factor yet but I can feel it coming. I can feel it in my waters.



Cleanliness: 9/10

Interior: 9/10

Exterior: 8/10

Safety: 9.5/10

Snugglitude: 8/10

Total: 43.5/50




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