A little toilet world all of its own: Coco’s Cantina.



Coco’s Cantina on K’rd is pretty damn cool. As in it’s a nice place with good food but filled with very very cool people. Cool people intimidate me because I don’t have the ability to cover my awkwardness well or play at being “in” or “hip”. I’m not as you say ‘down with the kids’, in fact most of the time I feel like an octogenarian in a shiny shirt rapping on a street corner. I am just never going to be on the pulse of society. Mainly because I’m kind of lazy and I just can’t seem to make myself care enough about local bands or second hand clothing.

All my own hang ups aside I have been to Coco’s before and enjoyed the food, the friendly service and the pretty red lipsticked wait staff but I hadn’t really looked over their facilities with my all too critical toilet viewers eye. I’m talking the kind of eyeing up a flamboyant gay man would give a young mother of 2 wearing sweat pants followed by the offer of a FABULOUS make over.

The bathroom at Coco’s is far from being an exhausted new mum in sweat pants and flip flops, it is a zine writing, arts masters degree having, LP collecting cool guy with a hat knitted by his Nan.

In short, I love this bathroom. It is well appointed and just generally a very nice place to visit which as you may have noticed isn’t very common in the world of public toilets. Someone has taken the time to think about what the customer might really require/enjoy when visiting the little girls room.




Well lit mirrors, hand soap, copies of the New Yorker and a variety of fresh flowers and candles all make this place feel safe and restful.










My friend Ruby and I enjoyed a wee look see during our business meeting.

The only down side is that the bathrooms lead straight off the prep area, but having said that they still manage to feel private. You have the choice of a mens, ladies and a disabled bathroom (which I think we all know is the best choice when you are disabled by panic). The bathrooms are roomy and colourful. I love that the pictures would help to distract from my panic in a difficult situation.



Cleanliness: 9/10

Interior: 10/10

Exterior: 9/10

Safety: 9/10 K’rd being what it is.

Snugglitude: 9.5/10

Total: 46.5/50

Really quite worth a visit, even if all you fancy doing is flipping through some quality magazines and looking at wall art.





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