Mix Moon, New Lynn. 1980’s wolf/moon combo WIN!

Mix moon6

Apologies for the shaky photography, the anxiety of taking pictures in public can get the better of me from time to time. I always feel like someone is going to run after me with a cleaver yelling “No take photo here!!!!”

Food wise the Vietnamese chicken noodle bowl I ordered was delicious, filled me with happy Asian noodle/mint/chicken goodness. Unfortunately the deserts were pleasant but the portions were a tad too small for the price. I mean come on it is still West Auckland and no one wants to pay $13 for a 10cm diameter cheesecake unless it is the best damn cheese cake in the world (it wasn’t).


As for the interior they have put in a decent effort into the “look” (to sound like a design wanker) of the place in the dinning room, that is until you delved a little deeper. What is that I see?! Nice wooden tables, nope! It’s wood effect vinyl, classy, good not old fashioned wood effect vinyl. What’s that you say? I’m drinking a Corona? The least classy girly piss-water beer in the world? Who am I to judge you wail?

Sir, you make a good point but, fuck you I like my piss weak beers made for girls in bikinis and fedoras at tacky holiday resorts.

My terrible taste in beverages aside, onward to the bathrooms. To the rear of the restaurant there is a sweet single stall disabled toilet all swanked up to match the dinning area and concealed behind a thoughtful privacy screen. The other bathrooms are located via the stairs/time machine which leads you to…


A 1980’s office building! There in it’s pine and windowed splender I admired the visually over stimulating carpet which really pulled the whole look together. The bathrooms continued on the retro theme making me think that perhaps the owner/operators budgeted for the refurb of the dinning room but forgot to leave a little for un-office-ication upstairs.


Check out those stone-effect panelled walls. Makes we want to plump up my shoulder pads and tease the shit out of my poddle perm. Hair spray top up anyone?


And on the bench? The last vestige of every Nan-esk bathroom/living room/any room, POTPOURRI.


Who doesn’t love a bowl of dessicated tree left overs when you’re washing your hands? I know I do. But in all honestly I don’t think they purposefully stayed true to theme but the 80’s thing worked to a tea for this child of the bad ol’ days when men were men, wore stubbies and singlets, tin can of Lion Brown in one hand, chainsaw in the other.




Cleanliness – 9/10

Interior – 7/10

Exterior – 8/10 (point appointed for privacy and location away from the dinning room and kitchen)

Safety – 8/10 (it was in West Auckland after all, there is the ever present fear of stabbing)

Snugglitude – 6/10 (points giving almost entirely for amusement and nostalgia)


The crowning glory. Every Westie place needs a wolf howling at the moon!


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