Non Solo Pizza


Non Solo Pizza, Parnell doesn’t look like much from the road but enter the leafy pathway and you’ll find a labyrinth of dinning options, bar and subtle water features. We sidled up of an evening in our most casual attire thinking “oh pizza huh? Jeans and t-shirt it is!” We were however mistaken, the dress code – casual-pretension – had been missed and in due course we were the black sheep of the dinning area in our inappropriate Game of Thrones insigniaed day wear.

Luckily for us the birthday party we were to join was filled with the unpretentious and accepting sort of people who didn’t think twice at our sore-thumb appearance.

While waiting to be directed to our group we did however get line jumped by a group of rather self important yuppie types who just ignored our presence and walked straight up to the receptionist, past our polite British use of queuing.

Once we got to our table however the twatiness of other people in the restaurant melted away and we ate pizza and breads and enjoyed the party spirit.


Snobby patrons and tasty pizza aside, the shining star of Non Solo is their bathroom. This is a facility which has had some thought and dare I say pizazz (Oh yeah 80’s slang!) put into it.

The bathrooms are in a subtle corner down a wee hallway towards the kitchen and out of sight of the general restaurant floor. The best possible place for a phobic such as myself. I feel far less exposed in my bathroom visiting if I don’t feel all and sundry can see my exact entrance and exits. This is a typical anxious thought, that all the world is watching and judging. My brain tells me ‘those people see you going in the bathroom, oh! you touched your nose, they probably think you’re a crack addict now. You’re looking all shifty perhaps that’s what you’re going into the loo for, to do some crack or perhaps to empty a colostomy bag, do these people think I have an outside poo bag? Oh my god this top is a bit lump in places but it’s just the over sized singlet I have underneath! Shit! should I go tell them? Should I tell those people at that table that I am not going in to smoke crack or change a poo bag? Would that be really totally inappropriate?” and so on.

In the daily management  of my anxiety I frequently have to remind myself that as humans we are very self absorbed creatures. In reality most strangers couldn’t give less of a shit what I’m doing or how long I have spent hiding in the bathroom at a posh restaurant.

My only slight issue with these toilets is the door signage. The ‘ladies’ sign is so subtle you might just miss it if you have had one or two glasses of wine or your eye sight is failing you a tad. I was walking towards the gents until I saw a man push through and door. I made a hasty left hand turn into the correct bathroom. That could have got rather awkward as I was sober and lacked the vale of carelessness which only drinking can apply.


*SIGH* This bathroom is a luxury Mecca of fluffy white hand towels, orchids and sweet smelling hand products.

The stalls are totally enclosed top and bottom with warm sand coloured tiles. The lighting isn’t garish and over all the whole room feels peaceful and hygienic.



 I have been captured by this dreamy bathroom, it is without a doubt one of my best toilet finds to date. My only suggestion would be to have 3-4 loos rather than 2 but it wasn’t a problem while I was there even on a busy night.


Cleanliness – 10/10

Interior – 9/10

Exterior – 8/10

Safety – 9/10

Snugglitude – 9/10

Total – 45/50



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